When you’re installing a package, you may need to use a different version of the Framer Library to make sure all the components of the package work as they should. If your project’s current Library version is different than the dependencies of the package you want to work with, we recommend that you try installing the package first to see if the components function as expected. Many packages will not be affected by library updates, but it’s best to check.

If the components don’t work the way they should, you can change the version of your Library to match the version of the package. Check the compatible library version(s) in the Store, under the package’s compatibility section, then navigate to File > Framer Library Version and pick the version you need.

For package authors

When we’re about to ship a major Library update, every package author receives an email so they can make an update as soon as possible. If you’re a package author, learn how to update your package in this doc.

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