In Framer X, it’s possible to quickly jump back to an earlier version of your project. This is great for when you’ve made a change that you no longer want. 

Please note: Make a duplicate of the .framerx file and keep that as a backup.

To switch to an earlier version of your project:

  • Select the .framerx file and rename it from projectname.framerx to (allow it to convert).
  • There will now be a .zip file. Unpack it so that it becomes a folder.
  • Open up the folder, hit Command + Shift + . (dot)
  • Open up the .backup folder. It will show you zipped packages of every edit with their dates and timestamp.
  • Unpack the .zip file you need, a code and design folder will appear.
  • Take these code and design folders and put them in the main project folder (when prompted, select replace/overwrite).
  • In the main project folder, hit CMD + A (Select All)
  • Right-click the items and select "Compress Items": A new .zip will be made.
  • Rename this .zip to projectname.framerx (allow it to convert).
  • Start the project.

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