In Framer X, everyone has access to our Store. If you work for a company then you may also have access to a Team Store. The process of deleting packages is a bit different between these Stores:

Framer X Store
We don't directly support deleting a package from the Framer X Store. The reason for this is that your package might be relied on by another package and this could then break their package and project.

If you have uploaded something to the Framer X Store that contains sensitive information that must be deleted, you can request its deletion by sending an e-mail to with your username, the name of the package, and the reason you need the package removed. We will then deal with this as soon as possible.

Team Store
You can delete your packages from your Team Store by going to your Team Store and going to Published under the Personal tab. Select the trash can icon to delete the component.

Please note that this may affect other packages and projects from your team that rely on this package.

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