We’re focusing on making Framer X the greatest all-in-one interactive design tool. This article goes into detail about the future of Framer Classic.

  • Can I still use Framer Classic?
    If you bought a new subscription to Framer before the launch of Framer X then you should have received an activation code with your purchase receipt that you can use to log in to Framer Classic. This same activation code will stay active after your subscription is renewed, so you'll still be able to use Framer Classic.

    If you purchased a new subscription to Framer after the launch of Framer X then you will not be able to use Framer Classic, as no new activation codes can be created.
  • How long will Framer Classic be supported?
    We'll keep supporting Framer Classic for the foreseeable future, at least until we offer all the same features in Framer X.

    We'll no longer be actively updating Framer Classic with new features, though. For this reason, we recommend transferring your projects over to Framer X by copying and pasting the design elements. This means that you'll be able to enjoy the new updates that come with Framer X, too. Framer Classic will, of course, still get security/bug-related updates.
  • How much will it cost?
    Framer Classic is free for users who already had an active Framer subscription before the launch of Framer X. No new licenses can be created for this product and you cannot get a subscription for the product.
  • Can I use both Framer X and Framer Classic?
    Users with an active subscription and who received an activation code can use both Framer X and Framer Classic. Users who did not receive an activation code can only use Framer X.
  • What will happen to my projects in Framer Classic?
    Your projects in Framer Classic can still be used and updated. You can still upload your projects to Framer Cloud and they will be hosted there for the foreseeable future. We'll inform users when this is set to change.
  • How do I port over projects from Framer Classic to X?
    With the release of Framer X v3 we made it possible to simply copy/paste your designs from Framer Classic to Framer X. All you need to do is select an element in Framer Classic, press CMD+C , then go into Framer X and hit CMD+V . In the future it will be possible to open your Framer Classic files directly in Framer X.

    Please note that you cannot copy/paste over the code created in Framer Classic. This is because Framer Classic runs on CoffeeScript and Framer X is based on React.
  • Compare Framer X and Classic.
    Framer Classic is our previous product, which lets you fuse design and code to make an interactive prototype. Framer X is our next generation all-in-one interactive design tool, which still lets you do all of the above, but has big improvements when it comes to both the design and code functionality.

    We've improved our design features by adding very advanced layout, drawing, and interaction functionality that is still very easy to use. We let you make use of components so that you never have to make the same one twice.

    We also improved our code side greatly by making use of the power of React, which will bring your designs and prototypes much closer to production. We also let you use your own code editor now so that you can keep using the development stack you already have in place.

    Finally, with the Framer X Store, you can download and make use of tons of great design and code components built by the community. This means that you can save a lot of time and focus on what's most important.

    To get a great overview of what Framer X has to offer see:
    Layout: https://framer.com/features/layout/
    Drawing: https://framer.com/features/drawing/
    Components: https://framer.com/features/components/
    Interactions: https://framer.com/features/interactions/
    Store: https://framer.com/features/store/
    Teams: https://framer.com/features/teams/
    React: https://framer.com/features/react/

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