Framer includes a Sketch Plugin that allows you to easily copy and paste your Sketch assets into Framer. This plugin is automatically installed when you install Framer X.

To use the plugin, follow these steps: 

  1. In Sketch, select the layers, groups, or artboards that you’d like to paste into Framer X.
  2. Hit Command + C to copy these to the clipboard.
  3. In your Framer X project, hit Command + V to paste your Sketch assets.

Once they are in Framer:

  • Groups will become Frames.
  • Artboards and shapes will also become Frames, so they will automatically adopt layout rules and constraints relative to their parent layer.
  • Vectors will become editable SVGs that you can easily export to the web.

At the moment, Framer's Sketch copy and paste plugin only supports certain elements:


  • Artboards
  • Groups
  • Shapes
  • Text Layers
  • Masked Layers
  • Image Fill
  • Stroke Settings
  • Paths
  • (Nested) Boolean Operations
  • Symbols

Not supported

  • Nested Symbols
  • Radial / Angular Gradients
  • Stroke settings 

Though nested symbols will be copied over as layers, they will not be copied as design components. To turn nested symbols into design components, select the pasted symbol's parent frame (the Frame that contains all of the symbol's layers) and press Command + K .  

We're still working on better ways to import from Sketch, so watch out for announcements in the future.

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