Yes! Our CLI is included in a suite of tools called Framer Bridge, which helps you to collaborate on projects, integrate with your development environment, and continuously pull in production components to keep your designers up-to-date inside of the Framer Store.

Through the use of a folder-based file approach, it’s also possible to keep the design and development team in sync. Framer Bridge's command line tool allows you to build and publish packages to your private Team Store on every commit, ensuring every designer on your team is always using the most up-to-date version of each component. 

The tool exposes authentication, build, and publish commands to enable integration with any workflow, whether that’s local releases, GitHub Actions, or 3rd party continuous integration solutions such as CircleCI.

So, in addition to publishing packages through Framer X, you can also automate this process using the Framer CLI.

You can find all related documentation on Framer Bridge here.

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