Upload Errors

Unstable Internet Connection

If your connection (from your local wifi all the way to our servers) is flakey, an upload might fail. There is not much you can do except for getting better internet.

Our servers are in trouble

We might have connectivity issues. We use a combination of Amazon and Heroku services to run Framer Cloud, and if either of these services have issues, we do too. Errors like these typically take a few minutes, so we recommend trying again later.

Your project files are too large

We have an upload limit of 25mb per file. Larger files will get skipped.

Multiple user accounts

Updates to an existing project can only be uploaded by the original author. If you have multiple Framer Cloud accounts, you'll have to login using the account you used when uploading the first version of the project. Alternatively, you can "save as" the project under a different name, and it will be treated as a new project.

Project Errors

Your project has an error that you don’t get in the app

Because Framer is JavaScript based, the errors depend on context like browser (version), server (hostname), and device, but also sometimes things like time.

The most typical errors are:

  • A resource (script, image, font, or json file) cannot be loaded online because of browser security. Most often a cross domain error or when you are trying to load an http resource on an https hosted project. 
  • The browser you are using is different than the one Framer uses, which is Apple Safari (technically called WebKit) bundled with your macOS at a specific version. A different browser can lead to slightly different behavior. There’s unfortunately no easy way to avoid this.

Fixing and reporting

If you need a little help figuring out what’s going wrong in your specific case, send us the following and we're happy to take a look:

  • A link to your Framer Cloud project
  • Steps to reproduce the error
  • The browser you’re using
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