With Framer Classic you had to log in to the app with an activation code. Sometimes, users would lose their activation code and need to contact us to send it through to them again. This meant that the user sometimes had to wait a while before being able to log back in to Framer. With Framer X we wanted to make it all a bit easier. You can now log in with the email address you registered with instead.

Please check to see which e-mail address you used when you bought your individual/personal subscription for Framer. If you use this same e-mail address for Framer X, then it should automatically recognize you as a subscriber and remove the trial. 

If this does not work (with the recent launch there may be a few kinks), then please let us know which email address you used with Paddle (our payment processing platform) and which email address you used to sign up for Framer X. Email support@framer.com and we’ll get it all sorted out. 

Don't worry about the 14-day trial, by the way. Everything you do on Framer X now (saving projects, uploading to the store) will automatically be ported over to your subscription. You won't lose anything.

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